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Braced and poised for the release of his 4th LP music project (My Story) of what he feels is his most passionate work yet, Terrance is ready to return to the place he’s purposed to be to share his God’s given message and abilities not only through music but in his first published book entitled Flawed But Unbroken. 


While in the “dungeon and at his duck-offs” as he calls them, not only does he consistently work on new music but with his passion for writing he found the courage to pin this new book. 


“Flawed But Not Broken”, is a book based on His Struggles With Faith To His Regenerate Soul 


  • This book gives transparency to my life journal. It covers my life from birth to the man I am today. It reflects on my spiritual relationship, My strengths, and weaknesses, and my flaws and imperfections. 


  • It discusses my relationships with my children, my parents, my grandparents, and the women I’ve dated. 


  • Builds character for single and married men while providing understanding for women. 


  • It gives us insight into effective communication while channeling our emotions. 


  • Helps parents that have made mistakes transition to having parental stability. 


“The new music Project “My Story” will deliver diversified sounds that will broaden musical horizons such as “Cover Me”, “Still Here” “My Story” and so many more, this project is definitely meaningful with so much purpose that has been driven by many anomalies that have impacted not only my life but lives all around the world”. 


Both are scheduled for release in March of 2023! 


While Terrance runs a successful engineering company along with other businesses he also finds time to give back. His resume for giving back to communities embodies the most prominent philanthropist, which has garnered him recognition as high as the US Congressional Office. 

“I just want God to preserve my life. I make no excuses or justifications for my setbacks or failures in my life. I am going to make mistakes and I am going to stumble, but in my heart, I have salvation, with this I will receive deliverance, and if I trust and believe in God, Redemption is what He’ll give me”—Terrance Bell.

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