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Terrance Bell is a Texas native and successful serial entrepreneur — a civil engineer, gospel recording artist, producer, songwriter, author and his latest venture, the owner of a mobile-veterinarian clinic service, birthed from a deep childhood passion for pets and animals. He has also formed and operated successful engineering, construction, residential building and financial companies.

In June, the busy entrepreneur will simultaneously introduce his three passions to the world. His book,Flawed But Unbroken: The Regenerate Soul of A Man, his fourth music recording, My Story, and a mobile veterinarian clinic, GeoVet Animal Care.


Some may ask why he works so hard and continues to launch several companies and projects. It’s because working is something he has control of and something he is good at. However, for most of his life he felt out of place and out of control about life, and his ability to love and be loved. He questioned God about relationships with women because of the impaired relationship between him and his mother that started at a very early age. This is one reason early in life he never stayed in a committed relationship. “The thought of being hurt or feeling unloved by my mother made me question women’s commitment level to love unconditionally.”

But because his grandparents raised him with a deep-rooted spiritual foundation, the love spilled over into his faith regarding romantic relationships and grew stronger. However, having confused thoughts and feelings led him to ask God a series of questions. “Can I love and worship God while being single and dating? “Is it ok to continue being involved with a woman while not being married?” “What type of father would that make me?” “What type of man would that ultimately define me to be?”

These thoughts would soon run its course because of his life’s experiences that would regenerate his soul and thoughts and formulate into an informative and therapeutic read in his book where he is transparent, hoping he helps anyone who reads his story. “I wrote Flawed But Unbroken to share some of my life’s experiences with all young men, but especially young men that have grown up in poverty facing various difficulties in life while maintaining a strong spiritual relationship with God.”

The book also reflects on his strengths and weaknesses, and his flaws and imperfections. It discusses his relationships with his children, his parents, grandparents, and the women he’s dated. And it builds character for single and married men while providing understanding for women. It gives the reader insight into effective communication while channeling their emotions and helps parents that have made mistakes in their parenting transition to having parental stability.

His music background is impressive. He began singing at three, he started playing several musical instruments at seven years old and at twelve, he was directing the youth and young adult choir at his church.

His music projects have touched the souls of many. So much that he ventured out to other genres and launched Virtual Valor, an independent record label and entertainment company where he produces and writes for other artists and also produces and promotes concerts, plays, workshops, seminars and other entertainment industry entities. 

With the release of his fourth music project, My Story, his “most passionate work yet,” Bell says he is ready to return to the place he’s purposed to be to share his God-given messages and abilities through melodies and lyrics.

A cowboy at heart and a lover of animals, Bell adopted the dog-loving spirit from his mom who would bring home puppies frequently. “Not only do I have a love for dogs but I love and thoroughly enjoy riding horses— As a child, he would frequent farms and ranches to ride horses.  

“The entire farm experience is something I grew up loving to do with neighbors of my grandparents. Although they didn’t have a huge back yard, they had different types of farm animals that I learned about.”

His love he has for animals and his relentless drive and passion for success in business, along with his advisors, mentors, family and friends, he believes GeoVet Animal Care will grow to be one of the most prominent animal clinics in the country.

Bell’s work ethic is over the top and all reasons point to his childhood. Some may look at it as unfortunate but he sees it as a blessing. “Growing up poor my mom couldn’t afford much so I knew if I wanted the finer things in life, and if I wanted to give my two children a better experience than my childhood, I had to work hard.”

With his success and concern for the less fortunate, he makes time to give back. His resume for giving back to communities embodies the most prominent philanthropist, which has garnered him recognition as high as the congressional office.

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